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You worked hard to build a unique brand and business that your customers fell in love with. Don’t settle for a loyalty system that throws their branding all over your store and drives your customers to go to other businesses.

Hummus House
Prime Nutrition
Sus Hi Eat Station
Up in Smoke
Le Gourmet Break
Lizard Juice
Cold Stone

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Branded Tablet & Stand

We will design a branded 10' Samsung Tablet and ship with a high quality Heckler Stand.

Branded Web App

The average person checks their phone over 1500 times a day. Your logo is now on their home screen!

Plastic Cards

Hand out high quality, branded loyalty cards and key tags to your customers.

Website Plugin

We seemlessly integrate with any website so your customers can sign up from anywhere.

SMS & Email Marketing

Build a database of all of your customers' contact information for effective marketing and promotions.

Deals & Newsletters

Take advantage of unlimited deal campaigns and newsletters to stay connected with your customers.


Increase brand awareness and customer retention with a loyalty program consistent with your brand.


Our unique referral program turns all of your customers into brand advocates.

24 / 7 Dedicated Support

Every Dealyze account comes with a dedicated Account Manager who will help you launch new campaigns, set up your referral program, train your employees with best practices and answer any of your questions along the way to ensure you get the most out of your loyalty program .

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Currently helping HUNDREDS of businesses


  • The day I send an email deal, I see a 10% sales bump. Also, our Dealyze list brought us bigger returns than the massive email list I had built over the last 5 years. The people signing up for rewards are more interested in eating here often.
  • The selling point for me was the data and the ease of use of the dashboard. Being able to have insights on customer purchasing behavior, sending custom deals, sending deals to people who haven't been in the shop for a while to incentivize them coming in... Dealyze is the Square of loyalty programs.
  • The last deal I sent, brought 80 customers back into my store.

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Owner @Coldstone UCF


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