Boost Store Profits with
Loyalty and Automated Messaging

Better Retention.
More Profit.

Increasing customer retention by just 5% boosts profits by 25-95%. With your own personalized tablet loyalty program you can now offer points for purchases. Customers will be motivated to spend more, return more often and opt-in for direct messaging.

Smart. Tested. Profitable.

Stop sending the same offer to all of your customers at the same time. By integrating with your POS we can segment your customers based on their purchasing data and test multiple personalized messages to discover the most profitable ones.

Time Is Money.

We know you are busy running your business. Our experienced team and learning algorithms will develop the most profitable campaigns for you. Simply approve new offers before they send and get weekly summaries showing the results.

Results Driven.

We ensure the program will be profitable within 6 months or we will cancel your subscription for you. Seriously.

What should you expect?

1. Integrate & Collect

POS linked loyalty tablet, SMS keyword & sign up form will grow your customer list.

2. Design & Test

Personalized SMS & Email messages increase spend, referrals & foot traffic.

3. Automate & Profit

Approve campaigns before they send and get weekly summaries showing the results.

Personalized Offers
Reminders & Updates
Referrals & Reviews
Build Your Own Messages

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